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Blondie’s Wagging Tale of Triumph

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our newest medical grant recipient

At the age of 9, Blondie found herself at the Napa County Animal Shelter looking for a forever home. She waited patiently for 8 months before she was adopted by a loving family! Her new forever family was thrilled to have such a wonderful dog and were instantly bonded with Blondie. It was a perfect match and true love at first sight.

All was great for a few months until Blondie developed a large lump on the inside of her right hind leg and she started limping. She was immediately taken to her vet where they ran preliminary tests which indicated poor Blondie had some sort of cancer. Blondie’s family reached out to FONCAS for help when their vet referred them to an oncology vet. We provided a special emergency medical grant to Blondie’s family to help with further diagnosis and support for some of her treatment.

The oncology vet recommended immediate leg amputation and chemotherapy for Blondie. Thanks to our donors, we were able to help Blondie’s family get her the care she needed! Blondie was scheduled for leg amputation right away. She quickly adjusted to walking around on three legs “like a boss.” She started chemotherapy the following week. Blondie powered through each of her chemo appointments with a zest for life. Some adjustments were made to her diet and aftercare medications to make life easier and help Blondie feel her very best.

All along the way, she received so much tender loving care from her forever family. They are so devoted to her care and well-being, going above and beyond and doing everything they could to support her and help her get well!

“She is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.  She’s incredibly strong and loyal.  She teaches us every day what it means to be unconditional with love, how to live in the moment and the strength of one’s will.  She is such a gift…” 

Blondie’s Family

On the day of her final treatment, Blondie was very alert and active almost like she knew it was her final treatment. We are happy to let you know, Blondie has successfully completed all rounds of her chemotherapy and all tests show perfect health! She will continue to have regular check ups to ensure the cancer hasn’t returned. Blondie and family are living each day to the fullest and surrounding each other with lots of love. Her forever family reports, Blondie continues to do very well! She goes for regular walks and car rides. She spends time with her favorite 13 year old human, a kitten named Ladybug and still loves to chase the older cat, just for fun.

Thank you to our donors for making happily ever afters like Blondie’s possible!

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Every donation to FONCAS helps fund necessary programs for our community and the Napa County Animal Shelter, allowing us to make medical dreams come true for current and alumni pets of the shelter.

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