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Introducing the fabulous fancy!

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our newest medical grant recipient

In December 2022, the animal shelter reached out to us seeking assistance with the medical expenses of a little Maltese named Fancy, who was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. Her condition required months of costly medical attention and dedicated care from her foster family to regulate her diabetes. Throughout this process, Fancy underwent extensive diagnostics to rule out other contributing factors, such as Cushings disease. Numerous blood work (glucose curves) and blood panels were conducted to monitor her progress, and glucose monitoring devices were applied every two weeks. She was also prescribed insulin and other medications to manage her health. In addition, a full dental procedure was performed, which included the removal of some teeth to improve her overall well-being.

Fancy has been fortunate to receive excellent medical care under the guidance of Dr. Forstadt and the dedicated staff at Napa Small Animal Hospital, who have all grown fond of her. At her last check-up, Dr. Forstadt expressed satisfaction with Fancy’s progress. It’s undeniable that without our financial support, Fancy’s future would have been grim. When the shelter’s medical budget was stretched to its limits, our intervention provided the necessary financial support to ensure that animals like Fancy receive the vital care they need, granting them a second chance at life.

Before our assistance, Fancy’s future relied heavily on the hope of a rescue organization stepping up to take on her care. Now, with our help, she has a bright future ahead of her, filled with the joys of life’s adventures, cuddles, and leisurely walks. Currently, Fancy is available for adoption at Napa County Animal Shelter and is being cared for by a devoted foster family. Thanks to the collective effort of the shelter, medical professionals, and our financial support, Fancy now has the opportunity to find a loving forever home where she can flourish and experience the happiness she truly deserves.

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Every donation to FONCAS helps fund necessary programs for our community and the Napa County Animal Shelter, allowing us to make medical dreams come true for current and alumni pets of the shelter.

“…She is so much more capable than I ever imagined….”

Fancy’s Foster Mom

a letter from fancy’s foster mom

“She loves people, including kids. She has really come out of her shell over the last almost year. She was afraid of men when she first came to me but now she adores her foster dad. She loves car rides and going on small adventures. Does great on walks. She is so much more capable than I ever imagined. She recently taught herself to walk to the back door to be let out and can navigate my complicated backyard quite well.

She will definitely have accidents if not given the opportunity to go out but she’s so much better than she was in the beginning. She does have vision impairment but I think she can see shadows. If I say the word careful she’ll redirect where she’s walking. She isn’t on a diabetic specific diet anymore but I think she would benefit from one in the future. It may help regulate her even more. She loves walks but she also loves cuddling on the couch with all 4 feet in the air. She’ll play and get goofy when engaged.

I think the ideal home would obviously be willing and capable of taking on her medical issues. Maybe someone not wanting a super active dog. I try not to push her too far on walks but she loves them. She’s so chill and content in the house except for when I put her in the “Fancy area.” My house isn’t really set up to leave her free roaming when I leave the house (she’s sight impaired, but she sure can find her way to the cat food). As of right now, I put her in a gated area when I’m gone for long periods of time, otherwise her preferred location is the couch. She doesn’t like being behind the gate and gets a little anxious when she’s in there but that’s the only time she exhibits any kind of anxious behavior. Maybe someone who is home more often than not or able to give her a better setup in their home. Her only dislikes are heat, her diabetes definitely causes an increased sensitivity to heat but that’s about it. She’s pretty easy going considering everything she’s been through.”

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