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Juni’s Pawsitively inspiring journey!

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Juni the kitten sitting on a bed after recovery

our newest medical grant recipient

Within just 48 hours of finding her forever home, this tiny 3-pound bundle of joy faced a challenging ordeal. She fell ill, exhibiting symptoms that had her new family rushing her to the emergency vet. Lethargy, shaking, dehydration, and constant diarrhea had everyone deeply concerned for her well-being.

The emergency vet quickly went into action, providing Juni with the care she desperately needed. She received IV fluids, diagnostic tests, and treatments for a tapeworm and bacterial infection. With a seven-day antibiotic prescription in hand, Juni was sent back to her forever family, but her road to recovery was far from over. When she failed to show significant progress, her family turned to FONCAS for assistance, worried that Juni might not survive the mysterious illness that had gripped her.

FONCAS stepped in with a medical grant, enabling Juni’s family to seek additional medical attention. More tests, lab work, IV fluids, and follow-up treatments were administered in a bid to determine the root cause of her illness and establish a comprehensive treatment plan. After several anxious days, the test results revealed that Juni had been battling panleukopenia and a coccidia parasite. The road ahead was challenging, but with the unwavering love and dedication of her forever family, along with more antibiotics and numerous vet visits, Juni began to make a remarkable recovery. Her progress was nothing short of miraculous, as she started eating and drinking normally and gaining her weight back.

“…From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate everything you’ve done to support me and my family through all of this…..”

Maddie c. and Juni

Juni’s boundless energy returned, and she could finally be seen zooming around her new home, exhibiting the playful antics of a typical kitten. With joy in their hearts, Juni’s family reported, “Juni is doing great. She’s healthy, happy, and has grown so much! There hasn’t been a single return of symptoms, and just last week, we even began introducing her to our other cat after she was cleared of all parasites.” Juni’s journey reminds us all that, with love, support, and determination, even the most challenging hurdles can be overcome.

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